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MyTeddyBear FromTheNeedleOfAnne
MyTeddyBear FromTheNeedleOfAnne


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Teddy Bear, keepsake initial or birth sampler bears, embroidery designs
Item Number: FTNOA-0357

A teddy bear is a child's favorite, these floral framed bears will make a wonderful keepsake.

With the blank frame, tiny bears and floral elements, you can build your own bear. Additional ideas suggest to add a large monogram in the center of the floral frame or use smaller lettering to include child name & birth date as a birth sampler. Lettering suggestions provided within PDF. Main floral frame teddy designs digitized for 8x8 hoop, Additional 4x4 bears and tiny floral elements also provided.

All designs may not be pictured.

Credit: Digitized from purchased Artwork.

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