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MiniBlossomsMugRugTray 5x7

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Mug Rug Tray Display, MiniBlossoms
Item Number: FTNOA-0516
Now you can display your mug rugs The Mini Blossoms Mug Rug Tray holds and displays 4-5 FTNOA Mug Rugs beautifully! 
Pattern available in various sizing- the 8x14, 8x8 or 5x7.  ITEM# FTNOA-0515, FTNOA-0516, FTNOA-0517
You’ll only need one size. Choose the pattern that fits your largest hoop.
The 5x7 is made in four hoopings. Whatever size pattern you are making, the final results will be the same!

Project pictured for example purposes, FTNOA Mug Rugs available separately.

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