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KeepSakesPillow FromTheNeedleOfAnne
KeepSakesPillow FromTheNeedleOfAnne


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Keepsake pillow, free standing lace and embroidery pillow, wedding, anniversary, new baby
Item Number: FTNOA-0274

Make a special heirloom pillow that can be used and treasured from birth to marriage; for wedding, anniversary, new baby or for everyday occasions!

Pillow measures approx 7 1/4 inches when complete.
Includes a double lace edged buttonback.

Combination embroidery & free standing laces, this is a layering project. Buttons, Fabric required.
PDF includes very detailed instructions for the embroidery and construction.

Extras: Also includes KeepSakes alphabet uppercase initials (A-Z only) for your centerpiece personalization!


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