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KeepSakesMemoryKeeper FromTheNeedleOfAnne
KeepSakesMemoryKeeper FromTheNeedleOfAnne


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Free standing lace edged, heirloom embroidery sachet purse
Item Number: FTNOA-0272

Special heirloom treasure keeper from birth to marriage! Purse can hold jewelry, your rosary, little baby curls or their first tooth.

Free standing lace edged and fabric embroidery heirloom sachet purse with button closure. Laces beautiful In white or your favorite color! Add ribbons through the loops, hot fix crystals or beads to personalize yours.

Package consists of 2 embroidery files, designed to be combined in the hoop. Includes PDF with step by step directions.

Extras: Also includes free accent design.
Button, Fabric Required.

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