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GiftKeeper Birthday 4x4
4x4 Gift holder blank, "Birthday" in 6 languages, FromTheNeedleOfAnne

GiftKeeper Birthday 4x4

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4x4 Gift holder blank, "Birthday" in 6 languages, made in the hoop, embroidery designs
Item Number: FTNOA-0476A
Gift holder 4x4 blank, made in the hoop.  Pattern features beautiful floral patterns and room for personalization.
Makes a great gift for anyone!- spouse, child, teen going off to college, a teacher, a friend or anyone you love.
Light stitch, PDF Instructions Included.

"Birthday" wording provided, as is, in multiple languages; English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Afrikaans. 
For further personalization, refer to Porcelain Alphabet Item0471, available separately.

The 4x4 size is more ideal for holding lottery ticket, a monetary gift, jewelry. 
The 5x7 size is more ideal for holding gift cards. 5x7 sizing available separately.

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